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Monsters and Transforms

May 04, 2010 01:51AM
Since you will quickly notice ingame we're not in Kansas Darkenwald anymore you might find things a bit different.
We thought it best to warn those that have laboriously cheated themselves by memorizing monster stats and descriptions as they are about to change!

Our number one focus this season is to do away with a single phrase: "What do I see".

You will unlikely be given descriptions as we will be repping similar monsters with similar costumes and masks and not likely generating hybrids (Using our Monster Marshal(s) as a check and balance for you the players). To achieve this goal 9614 monsters have been 'trimmed'. We're also making the cards and stats easier for NPCs to understand; quick cards and basic templates that can 'level' up a monster that might have character skills.
-- This means time in monster camp is quicker with less crunching of numbers and more crunching of heroes, thus ensuring the healers at the earth circle some job security.

Now before the panic alarms go off, some monsters are pretty basic, a goblin is still a goblin, a skelly is a skelly, but zombies and ghouls might pack a bit more power, maybe less, they might look a fair bit different, or even the same. It's a whole new experience to look forward to, especially when .... no we can't let that dark being out of the closet yet...it is too soon.

So rest assured there will still be common, rare and even unique monsters - even some that have never been seen before in the Hinterlands or on Tyrra. You might find a lot will be similar and others will be drastically altered by the Mists of the Blight, some scholars might even project they've been changed forever (when they see them ingame of course)!

Now the same might be said about transforms, many of you have likely been following the rules changes, and many of you have provided feedback about transforms during events. While I may have differing opinions on how players can, or should spend their sticks, and how they could achieve character story... There will be changes to transforms this season, powers may change, alter or even be lost forever while your spirit is wrapped in this mortal coil.

Perhaps it's because the King is weakened, perhaps it's the power of Xerenel in his new form, perhaps not and we're simply bringing things more inline with where the story is now headed.
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