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Recent Happenings

Posted by NERO NB Plot 
Recent Happenings
July 20, 2010 01:00AM
Having fought their way into the cursed Sheridan Forest the heroes have claimed hold and secured a staging area; a safe place to camp, protected from the Blight mists, allowing the adventurers to rest peacefully in the shadow of a great tree. Both the healers and the mages have established fledgling guilds with full circles, with the information and merchant guilds both working diligently upon membership and charters, they too will soon blossom.

Scouting and mapping the area has been a main concern, finding where the Blight Hordes come from another. Rumors of ancient tombs and burial grounds no longer protected by the elves have begun to lure in treasure hunters from near and far. With news shared through crystals formed over the old roots of the dryad's tree, word has quickly spread throughout the Hinterlands at the valiance displayed by the heroes in these cursed woods. Local nobility has managed to negotiate for reinforcements, much needed supplies and labs to be sent into the forest to further aid the heroes in restoring the area.

The heroes have recently discovered three means in which they can dispel the fey glamor cast upon a powerful gate, one avenue for the hordes to enter the forest and the apparent source of the Blight mists. If closed this may allow the heroes to begin hunting the remainder of the Blight Horde and make these forests once again safe. If not closed ....

.... the evil Dragon Knight has uttered his curse and the unburned dead rise again each time the sun sets.
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