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2011 Season, May 20 - May 23 Event 1

Posted by NERO NB Plot 
2011 Season, May 20 - May 23 Event 1
May 16, 2011 11:29AM
'4G and the Afterlife; Gates, Guilds, Guides, Groups, Spirits and the Undead'

With the adventurers readying themselves to open the gate and confront the minions of The Blight, they must stop the mists that come from within. The dials have been found and there is a plan to disrupt the Fey glamor upon the gate, with a hope that the gate is currently open to the right dial settings to allow the adventurers into the source of The Blight Mist, able bodied adventurers will be needed to defeat the machinations of Xerenel and The Blight within.

With The Blight shrouding Sheridan Forest in it's mists even the most fantastical travel powers fail, reducing even the greatest of beings to be forced to walk the land. Once the heroes lift the mists what will happen then? Will the elements flood into the forests without check, stealing adventurers into servitude, or will they seek out new champions? Will the aspects of Light and Darkness finish their Tyrran bound feud? Will they destroy us all?

Stabilizing their position near the edge of the Sheridan Forest the nobility has charged the guilds to properly setup and ensure their ability to support the adventurers. The guilds will have many tasks in the upcoming gatherings, if you think you can help; seek out a guild master.

The nobility are also seeking guides; those capable of skirting the land, skirmishing with the Blight Hordes and bringing back details to create an accurate map of the area.

Various groups are moving in and setting up, The Sell-swords North, The Reclaimers and The Wyldpack among the most notable, there are others of course, albeit smaller, they are no less important for what they do, some may have tasks to do, others willing to do tasks - coordination through the Information Guild is likely best! If you have a need for something found, done or found out, or you're looking, they would be the ones to get you the answer.

Rumors have it that no adventurer has actually had to resurrect, but many have had horrible horrible nightmares from when they've awaited Life spells. Something dark and horrible awaits in the spirit realm, many scholars hope this is related to the Blight Mist that is hopefully going to be solved soon. What the creatures do to you on the other side is unknown, scholars strongly warn that caution should be taken should the eventual occur and a spirit need to be called back to these woods from the other side. Several scholars have been heard to whisper that these woods are cursed, a comment that meets with the disdain from the surviving elves of the forest.
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