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2011 Season, September 2 - Monday September 5 Event 4

Posted by NERO NB Plot 
2011 Season, September 2 - Monday September 5 Event 4
August 22, 2011 11:23PM
Rumor has it that the 'Dagger Skull' orc tribe does not take their loss of the rings lightly. They want the dwarven treasure for themselves and have started to band together with trolls and ogres in the area in order to build up a large enough force to attack the adventurers, they’ve even been seen with some kind of firey creatures, potentially their means to destroy the sanctuary the elf tree offers.

Some say kobalds are dumb – wiser men know better, especially when the Information Guild reports they’re taming rust beasts.

Weird rumors come from Sheridan Forest about a new undead, quite scarey as it seems to somehow possess creatures, turning them to the Blight.

The spiders seem to have retreated, are they actually leaving the forest, or do they prepare?

The Healer known as Maurice has discovered an ancient door. He claims that behind it is the ancient dwarven caverns that hold the seal to the vault foretold of in prophecy.

A strange creature has been seen wandering the forest that rends the mind of any it comes into contact with, though leaves their bodies intact. This may be the culprit behind the Sun Runner chieftains’ madness. If Xerenel commands such a creature how will the adventurers ever survive.
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