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Season Teaser 2013

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Season Teaser 2013
April 19, 2013 12:22PM
The winter snows melt away from the land, allowing both friends and foes to awake from their rests. As the forest wakes into spring and summer, the rumours begin to filter thru the trees of lizardmen searching the forest's ruins for... something. Even uneasier rumours speak of Academy guild members being caught and tortured for what they know of ancient places.

Word has also spread from the capital, from the very walls of the Academy itself:
"Attention citizens of the Hinterlands- be aware that a unique golem pair that embodied the formal magics of Spirit Forge and Race Change have... ... "escaped", is not the right word as they were guests, but they were not prisoners. However through their actions they have destroyed a magical lab, killed several construct casters, shattered multiple security golems, banished several elementals and in turn dispatched several members of the palace guard. These beings have power to stop those whom have taken part of their essence, and in several cases have unraveled a spirit at their touch. Due to the dangerous nature of these beings we warn each and every citizen not to approach them. Rest assured the Academy scholars are hard at work to resolve this issue, more updates will be forthcoming."

As always, the Blight Lords rally, even as the adventurers and heroes of Sheridan prepare, readying arms and armour to clash over the summer months. With no clear winners, and no clear paths, who can say what will happen in the heat of coming summer?

In Shorebreeze, a strange ship with an even stranger crew has been seen disembarking, the crew disappearing into the countryside.

In their woods, the Sun Runners and Black Hawks are muttering unhappily- something is wrong that has them all on edge. They speak of spirit totems and of dire consequences between balance and restoration.

The shadows are darkening, a long awaited storm brews...
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