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June 7th Teaser

Posted by NERO NB 
June 7th Teaser
May 08, 2013 11:27PM
As winter recedes northward, as birdsong and flowers fill the days, the adventurers awake from their hibernation, and the people of the Hinterlands revel in the warmer weather. And just like bees flit from bloom to bloom, rumours buzz through the air.

Word again comes from the Academy of Science and Magick: the golems have exploded during an attempt to bring them to safety, causing unforeseen ripples in the magic. Reports of citizens randomly changing races and skills are coming from every corner of the Kingdom, and attempts to use the formal scrolls to restore them are failing - the magic seems to have been drained from every copy of the scrolls found, yet the words remain upon the pages.

The seers also speak of something strange in the realm of Death - glittering arc is broken, nothing is what it seems, the chains are snapped, the locks undone, and dreamers wake from dreams.

The lizard men are intensifying their searches, seeming almost frantic in their pursuit of.... 'something'. Woe betide any man or woman who crosses their path while they hunt.

In the forests and fields, uneasy whispers flit from tree and field - the Fae are restless; something has them looking over their shoulders. Not even the Faeslayer causes such uneasiness - but they are reluctant to speak of it.
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