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Archeological Report

June 19, 2013 09:22PM
Beneath Sheridan forest lies the dwarven ruin of Nord Sumpf Wache. It is an elaborate network of tunnels, with unusual twists and turns, whose purpose I've not yet been able to discern. The complex in general does seem much older that I had initially thought, possibly dating back to the times of the darkling wars.

There are many redundant tunnels which, is odd for a dwarven complex, in most cases their homes are rather like the people, straight and to the point. There are 7 wings of the complex off of a main hall. Each of the wings is at a different elevation, the deepest two seem to be collapsed.

I've only entered the first wing off of the main entry area at this point. It was primarily what appeared to be guest quarters and a trading area. The halls and rooms in this area are all taller than I would expect of the dwarves in general. Unfortunately most of what I've found here has been too affected by the ravages of time to be of any significant use in my studies.

As I've been mapping it out i've discovered that there does seem to be seem to be a pattern, in it's layout. Something in it reminds me of the binding spells I learned as an apprentice, though on a spectacularly large scale.

While there are no draakneir in the Tunnels anymore thanks to a borrowed device of a colleague and the generosity of several adventurers of the area, they are not completely empty. I have run into several undead things, beasts and constructs. I've managed to evade most. This past week several smaller tunnels have caved in, it sounds like something is digging, what towards I'm unsure but I do hope I find out more soon. I am venturing to the surface over the next few days to see if I can find where the digging sounds are coming from.

I will update with what I find out.

Archmage of the Lost and Forgotten.

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Archeological Report

Anduin 1778 June 19, 2013 09:22PM

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