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Lord Vincent Edgesmith

August 08, 2013 01:52PM
Lord Vincent Edgesmith,

Your men attacked me, even though I have not personally done anything to offend you or your people. If you and Sir Azure Cale have an ongoing feud, why did your men's ambush include me? I recently arrived from across the Sea of Storms to Avalon and chose to set up my own dwelling in Sheridan. It is an encampment of mutual protection against things that go bump in the night (or day). I have been trading with Sir Azure and his adventurers because they have never as yet shown any dishonour or backstabbing. They offer a fair price for any items they need, plus have traded me items that I need. If you, Lord Vincent, needed to acquire magic components for example, why did you not send someone to negotiate purchasing or trading? If I had any of the goods you needed, I may have been willing to trade for a fair price. This could have saved lives and resources and been less costly overall.

I was clearly not wearing the colours of any of your 'enemies'. Anyone who sends out goons to knock down merchants, rummage through their property, resort to kidnapping, and takes what they want, are no better than common thugs and thieves. As far as I can see, your strategy is more like that of pirates then of honouring the rules of war. During the Montuguese-Niap wars of the last decade, our convoys and privateer ships did not attack neutrals. If there was a mistaken identity, we would search the ship for any Niap contraband, and if none was found, allow the captain and crew to continue about their business. After the ceasefire, many Niap privateers continued to plunder merchants even though their letter of Marque had expired. The Montugese privateers went back to regular trading or pirate hunting.

I must at least say that your thugs appeared to follow their orders. I hold no malice towards them personally, since they were only trying to achieve a single goal given by their orders, not plundering and pillaging everything as common brigands would. However, because you have been declared as outlaws by the law of this realm, I must follow the law to maintain my honour. This does not mean I will hunt you down, as that is not my duty, but I will not deal with outlaws. If you wish to send someone to talk to me, I will listen. But at this point, I will not trade with outlaws. You had your chance but blew it M'Lord.

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Vincent Edgesmith and His Banner-Men

Sir Azure Cale 1521 August 06, 2013 01:27AM

In Response to your Charges.

Lord Vincent Edgesmith 552 August 06, 2013 02:13PM

Lord Vincent Edgesmith

Magellan 1006 August 08, 2013 01:52PM

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