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August 20, 2013 07:07AM
So no goblin poop, there I was,

The Chef came to our outpost and asked for our help with the flooding of hot liquid in his basement. Of course I asked "flooding of what kind of liquid?"
I speculated, I pondered, "could this be magma? or boiling tar? Hot goo?"
Us Scholars got our brains into overdrive trying to figure out what this was about.
The fighters just said "Hell ya we'll help ya!"
So that was that.

So we agreed to help out the Chef with his basement flooding problem.
He told us it was boiling water, and we would need to wear the mark of the red lobster to survive. Of course us scholars began to think about what this meant again, but an illiterate fighter exclaimed, "Oh you mean a bib!"
So that was that.

And yes, the Chef said of course it was a bib. If the bib fell off, we would die a horrible boiling death. There was a good time we talked about the true technicalities of the bib. During that time, the fighters were getting impatient with the scholars and started down the stairs into the flooded basement.
So that was that.

We cleared the basement of the Chefs problem, then noticed there was a dark cave that went on further. With only the logic that the illiterate posses, it was decided to continue on. The nobles agreed, so I sighed and went along doing my duty to my friends. Someone has to watch their back. I heard combat, battle spells, the rogues doing their stuff, and a strang "Woo woo woo woo woo" sound. I was thinking my bed back in my cabin would be nice instead of this nonsense, but my curousity got the better of me.
So that was that.

I pulled a liquid light out of my belt-pouch to check my spell-book, light in my right hand, book in my left. A humanoid lobster man can running at me and Dame Sam, I looked up, said "Are you serious?" So I cast an ice-storm into it, which the result of was a rather disgusting bit of lobster parts flying everywhere.
So that was that.

Curious as to what these things were, I held my light up to a dead ones face. To describe it, let me put it this way. It basically has the form of a humanoid, with lobster claws, beady eyes, and instead of a moustache, what looked like red fingers hanging over it's mouth. Very odd I must say. Sir Azur asked me to help the fighters and keep moving ahead.
So that was that.

Eventually, after ploughing through these lobster men and their lobster kin, we arrived at a circle of power with one called "Boilberg" inside. He had many of his progenitors around, but was upset with us for killing off his offspring. I stood back while our group's negoptiators tried to work out a deal with Boilberg. Yet Boilberg challenged these "big talkers" to combat. All of our challengers were defeated, but from my perspective, Boilberg was a lobster-man of integrity. Apparently we needed some lobster blood juice for another quest (don't ask) and he was willing to give it if one of us could defeat him in honorable combat.
One of our brave celestial casters went in and cast imprison on Boilberg. Yet boilberg broke free, our caster did not know wht to to and was clipped down. We failed in challenging Boilberg...
So that was that.

Suddenly there was a (trumpet?) horn call, and Boilberg exclaimed that he and his younglings had to go to the mating ceremonies. It was the great Boiled One that called them, and they feared him. We agreed to let them pass and they skittered down the tunnel. The fighters thought this was weird, but us scholars started to understand that Boilberg was being controlled by this 'Boiled One'. Also we gave our word to the Chef to deal with this problem, (the rogues said we already had in the basement), so it was un-unanimously agreed to continue. This time the scholars let the way. When the fighters saw that, they quickly ran ahead to regain their pride.
So that was that.

I checked my bib, it was still secure. Good.
After a few random lobsters on our way. killed and buttered, we emerged into a huge cavern with extremely hot boiling water. "The Boiling One" (An immense lobster-man) in the middle was standing on a few islands protruding from the deathly hot water. But his minions lined up and moved towards us on the edge of the boiling pit. They skittered left and right, right and left, swinging their claws, perfectly synchronized, snapping they claws in unison... until they reached us. The more cautious of us waited and prepared, but the 'brave' warriors attacked and broke through the lobster's lines, making it to the central islands where... I haven't much information on what happened there.
So that was that.

On the edge of the vast boiling water, a few of us kept the minions occupied while our brave fighters fought the Boiled One. I shattered more than a few of the lobsters with ice storms, but they kept crawling out of the water. I would help the ones back with me with protective spells where needed, but then the numbers of the lobsters crawling out of the water diminished. (Over fishing?) I saw a powerful healer fall next to one of the islands in the center and rushed ahead to help him. When i got there, I prepared all my energy for attack... but the Boiled one had been defeated.
We won the day.

So that was that.

~Magellan of Aaron

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Magellan 2120 August 20, 2013 07:07AM

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