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A matter of Justice

March 25, 2016 07:42PM
Citizens of the member states of the Accords Avalon,
I am writing you in regards to a matter of injustice. I have been attempting to have an issue resolved diplomatically to allow Evendarr to save face with all of the members nations. I have also sent missives to all of the member nations formally requesting this matter be brought before the Council of Justice of the Accords of Avalon but thus far I have received no response. To do my duty I am bringing this matter into the light of all, nobles and common citizen alike.

I charge that Trivanus Li’Velowyn Nólëvanwa, Royal Wizard of Evendarr, Viscount of Magics, Lake Hollym's Archwizard of Studious Dread, Black Prince and Consort of the Black Queen, Grand Champion of the Duchy of Blackstone, Conjurer of the Hand of Kohar, Master of Nomenclature, Volta’s Order of the Golden Lion, Brotherhood of the Iron Circle, Order of Jericho, Order of the Rose, Order of Moira and self proclaimed Witch King of Evendarr, has committed the crime of Mockery of the Code of Chivalry, in regards to his Re-Sentencing Draknor Torak for crimes against the Hinterlands.

Where I am a member of the nobility of the Hinterlands, not Evendarr, this will need to be brought before the Council of Justice of the Accords of Avalon.

With Respect,
Sir Hrothgar MacDuff of the Clan Ruadh Leono
Defender of the People of the Hinterlands,
Knight Errant of Icewyrm Court,
Grudgebearer of the Clan Ruadh Leono,
Friend of Kulta Kerros,
Grand Master Smith,
Member of the Adventuring Team Moonblade,
Seeker of Justice

Sir Hrothgar MacDuff of the Clan Ruadh Leono,
Defender of the People


Courage is the first of the virtues, because it makes all others possible.
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A matter of Justice

Sir Hrothgar MacDuff 937 March 25, 2016 07:42PM

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