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Friendly reminders that may impact you.

July 28, 2010 01:31PM
There have been a few spell effects that haven't necessarily seen the correct mechanics used.
So this is merely a clarification and reminder to everyone smiling smiley

Disease - like the spell this renders it's target unable to run, it also causes the target to lose 1 body pt per 30mins (this can be healed).
--- Can be cured via Cure Disease or Dispel Magic

Curse - like the spell this causes the target to take double damage from all attacks that would affect them, both physical and magical. This damage is doubled before any defenses are applied, including reduce via damage type. Curse does not allow you to exceed a creature's threshold if you normally could not - they however take 2 pts of damage instead of 1, if affected
--- Can be cured via Remove Curse or Dispel Magic

Drain - this acts identically to Taint Blood without the loss of body points
--- Can be cured by waiting 10mins, it can be also cured by a Life Spell or Invigorate - It is NOT affected by Dispel Magic

Drain Life - this acts identically to Drain
--- Can only be cured by a Life Spell or Resurrection

Taint Blood - like the spell this makes the target unable to run, unable to use ANY ingame skills, and loses 1 body from their MAXIMUM every 15mins. Since this loss is from your maximum they cannot be healed normally until cured. If you fall unconscious (0 body) you will again lose 1body in 15mins, causing you to bleed out and die, if you receive first aid/healing this will restore you to 0 body until another 15mins has passed.
--- Can be cured via Purify Blood or Dispel Magic

Please Note: All of the above can be cured via a Killing Blow followed by a Life spell - remember this removes all active spells & cantrips from you and then restores you to only 1 body.

Dispel Magic
This removes ALL active spells on the target (unless noted in the spell description), a Shield/Reflect magic (or an Imprison) will protect the remaining spells on a person (but negates the dispel magic) - the potion is NOT stopped by Shield/Reflect Magic

Empathic Healing this 2nd level Earth spell allows the caster to remove one effect from the target and place it on themselves, if the caster uses spell protectives, formal magic defense, magic item or combat abilities the spell fails, if the caster is immune to the affect (either by not being affected, or already under the effect) the spell fails. Racial Resists are the only method to resist the effect. The effects this can transfer are: Disease, Curse, Paralyze, Silence, Sleep, Taint Blood, Weakness, Wither Limb, Drain, Drain Life, Feeblemind, Laugh, Nausea, Paralysis, Slow Poison, and Vertigo. This spell can also be used to transfer body points from the caster to the target in one shot. (see the full spell description for details).

Killing Blows take a full 3 second count to complete, on the Torso of your incapacitated target, they are considered to place you in body contact with your target for any possible ingame effect.
--- Remember while a killing blow can be used through Damage Cap/Reduced Damage and Threshold if you are unable to affect a creature you are unlikely able to kill it.
----- To stop a Killing Blow you can interrupt the count by being within weapon range and declaring "I stop you", or strike the Killer, as long as the Killer is not immune to your attack you will succeed, even if they have armor and/or protectives. Things like Damage Immunity, Immune to Weapon type and Desecrate/Sanctuary would protect you (tho the later two would be fun to watch).
----- Note: Remember if you are successfully given a killing blow ALL protectives and any cantrips that would expire at reset cease immediately, even if you are given a Life or Contingency Life you were dead and required a life spell. The only exception to this is one hour and two year cantrips due to their short-term-high-cost, or role-playing nature.

Armor anytime your armor takes damage in excess of it's total remaining number means it has been 'breached'. Breached armor when repaired from 0 has it's maximum reduced by 2. This can occur from multiple hits, or a single hit, even in-between repairs. Rendered Armor can be reduced to 0 until repaired, but never breaches.

Imprison - You cannot be searched in an Imprison, only killed by the caster or dispelled. You may die if under the impact of MASSIVE damage brought on via a trap or fall, or you could still drown.

Repel/Shun - If affected the target MUST immediately move at least 10ft away from the caster.

Damage Cap - Reduces a weapon attack to X damage, calling 'Cap X' if the struck damage is over that cap. Slays/Assassinates bypass this ability

Immune to Weapon Type - The appropriate call is 'No Effect'

Reduced Damage - This can be because a monster takes 1/2 effect or similar to a damage type, the call is 'Reduced'

Threshold - Allows a monster to take reduced damage to it's Threshold # or less reducing the damage to 1, calling 'Reduced'

The game is about having fun, enduring the story, becoming the hero. Not about winning, the game continues on, there is no end point thus it cannot be 'won'. Battles, stories, and the day might be won, but the game goes on.

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Friendly reminders that may impact you.

Andrew 1701 July 28, 2010 01:31PM

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