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Archery Questions/clarifications

May 26, 2011 12:33PM
There were a few questions from the event, players and monster camp alike.
So I did some digging in the new rules and viola:

Key Points:
To fire the bow has to be in front of you, aimed at your target. Take packet from quiver, touch to the hand holding the bow, then throw (in a normal flight path; no flicking, no shooting around corners, over your head or behind you, etc), the damage call must be completed before the arrow is thrown.

Bows can still be used for blocking, but needs to be 're-strung' (w/3 count/roleplay) after the first block, even if rendered. After that they follow the One Handed Block skill rules.

The hand throwing the yellow packet is the one considered for profs.

All blade spells, vorpals, and auras work - from the bow (meaning you no longer enchant/poison quivers of arrows, just your bow), the effect transfers to your ammo.

Bows are 34 - 58inches and must be curved with safety tips at both ends

Crossbows are T-shaped with a stock between 12-24 inches, the cross peice must be at least 1/2 the stock and cannot exceed 24 inches with safety tips on all ends.

Arrows - Yellow packets, they are considered ingame items until fired. So they cannot be held in the same hand as another ingame item. They can be stopped by shields and weapons. They are lost as soon as you fire them (so while the packet can be recovered, the ingame arrow cannot)

Quiver - To be an archer you need at least 1 quiver to carry your shots. It must be able to actually hold it's yellow packets. Max of 30shots to a quiver. An archer can carry as many quiver tags as he wants, as long as s/he has physreps on their person for each.

Andrew Inness
Co-General Manager and Head of Plot / Rules
NERO New Brunswick
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Archery Questions/clarifications

Andrew 2214 May 26, 2011 12:33PM

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