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May 26, 2011 12:43PM
Another quick one that came up and was a bit confusing.

Vorpal coatings now all do 5pts of extra damage on your swing/damage call.
Vorpal 1/3/5 is how many hits you get to call that extra damage.

Once the hit lands, or is negated by a defensive call then a 'hit' from the coating is used. (So tapping a shield won't waste the Vorpal anymore).

Applying the Vorpal coating means the tag should be taped to the weapon, so it's not likely to happen in combat, as quick as you can tape the Vorpal to the weapon is how long it takes to coat your weapon (minimum of a 3count).

And as before only 1 Vorpal may be applied to a weapon at a time.

Anyone can apply a Vorpal coating.

This also means snakes/spiders and doom bunnies may simply have an increased damage to their call depending on the monster mechanic (ie the Doom Bunny had unlimited vorpals as needed before they may simply have unlimited "hits" now).

Andrew Inness
Co-General Manager and Head of Plot / Rules
NERO New Brunswick
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Andrew 2204 May 26, 2011 12:43PM

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