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What came up at the event:

September 07, 2011 11:08PM
Many players have copies of the v1 or even v2 rules, be sure you have the most recent version of the rules there are some changes. (I've seen even more versions then that, so I refer to the one on my desktop quite often).
These can be found at:
- 9th Edition Rulebook v3 (Page 3 will tell you which version you have, in the bottom right corner)
- 9th Edition Formal Magic System v2 (Page 2 will tell you which version you have, in the bottom left corner)

The Hold Rule: This is one of the most important rules of NERO
- Anyone can call a hold in a fight if they see an unsafe situation happening or about to happen.
- Do not look around you or talk to people about anything not connected with the Hold.
- You cannot call a Hold to collect spell packets even though they are out of-game. You may pick up spell packets from the ground or from your pouch as long as you return to your original spot before the game is resumed.
- Hold can also be called if anyone’s eyeglasses are knocked off.
- Collecting tags or treasure is not a legitimate reason for calling a Hold. Tag bookkeeping should be done after the battle is over, not during it.
- If you see a crowd of people kneeling down, then they are probably in a Hold. Do not approach the group until the Hold is over.
- If you are in the middle of a battle and everyone starts dropping to one knee, then a Hold has probably been called and you did not hear it.

Counted Actions
A counted action such as breaking a binding effect (using “Rip From ...”), performing a Killing Blow, or going Gaseous requires the same number of seconds as the number of the count, or the duration of the count, whichever is the longest.

~~This means you should call "Action 1", "Action 2", "Action 3" not "Action1two3"

During NERO combat you must never come into physical contact with your opponent. It is the responsibility of all parties involved in combat to ensure that there is always a safe distance between combatants. If you are crowding your opponent so much that he or she must step back to avoid body contact with you, you are Charging. No combatant should be able to touch the torso of an opponent in combat. If you can reach out and touch the torso of an opponent, then you are too close. Any combatant who has moved too close must increase the distance to be greater than his or her arm length, though at no time may someone shove away an opponent or otherwise initiate physical contact. In the case of extreme differences in arm length, the combatant with the shorter arm length is allowed to approach close enough to strike their opponent so long as they cannot touch the opponent’s torso with their own hand.

~~ Realize that some fighting styles being used while realistic are an invitation for your opponent to step into you in order to 'close the gap' be aware of these fighting styles.

Legal Targets
Legal targets include the entire body except the head, neck, throat, hands from the wrist out, and the groin. A player observed to be hitting restricted areas repeatedly is subject to disciplinary action. You may not intentionally block a hit with an illegal target.

Blocked and deflected shots do not count
This is admittedly a judgment call. If the block was good, then the weapon just grazed an arm or leg and the shot does not count. If the block was weak and the swing hit with about half or more normal force then the hit should count.

Unskilled Weapon Use
If you do not have the skill to use a weapon you are carrying, or if you are presently unable to use a weapon in which you are skilled, such as wielding a two handed weapon with one hand you must either immediately drop the weapon or take any damage that hits your weapon as if you had been hit.

Swinging your weapon
The NERO combat system is an honor system. Each player trusts that the person whom he is hitting is correctly counting his or her hits. “But I’m an evil thief.” You still have to count your hits. The NERO combat system relies on all players being honest in real life even if their character is a nefarious liar. Remember, even the NPCs are there to have fun, albeit by dying in a good clean fight.

NERO is a fantasy game with a fantasy combat style. The normal rules of armed combat don’t apply as they are geared toward doing all the things we strive to prevent, i.e. injure your opponent. So because of this some compromises must be made in realism.

Baseball Swing:
One thing you must remember: you are only trying to make contact, not hit a home run. Do not reach back, wind up, and take a huge swing at your opponent. It is usually not necessary to hit hard at all. When fighting an unarmored and unarmed opponent, an easy tap will do. You only need to apply enough pressure to make sure your opponent is aware of the attack.

For example, hitting an armored opponent from behind by surprise might require more vigor than a standard tap. And if it seems that your opponent is not taking his or her hits, it might be because the hits are not being felt under all that armor. You should mention to your opponent when you think you got a hit in, and all players should call hits whenever possible.

Machine Gunning
If you are swinging so fast that you cannot announce the damage fast enough to keep up with the swings, then you are “Drum Rolling” or “Machine Gunning” and your opponent should count all of that as one or maybe two hits.

A good rule of thumb is to have your swing progress between 45 and 90 degrees. Most importantly swings must be controlled and must not hit too hard.

~~So if you're clearly calling "10 Silver" "10 Silver" that's fine, if you're calling "TensonTensonTenson" that's not fine winking smiley

Massive Weapon Type
Some creatures can use the Massive weapon type. Massive damage cannot be blocked by weapons or shields. If a blow delivering this type of damage strikes a weapon or shield, the bearer of the item struck takes the damage delivered, as well as any carrier effects (when appropriate, i.e. once Body Points are
damaged). The skills Parry and Dodge will work as normal against this type of damage, as will all applicable protective spells such as Magic Armor or Displacement.

Latex Weapons
All latex weapons need to be from approved NERO vendors and inspected by weapon marshals, remember no thrusting with latex weapons is allowed, at all.

~~NERO NB will offer players thrusting with latex weapons a single warning, in a second offense the player will no longer be permitted to use latex weapons in our game, the player would be responsible for having a spare weapon or securing their own to use.

Tossing a Packet
All packet-delivered attacks are effective on contact with the target or any of the target’s immediate possessions, such as a shield or cloak. Arrows are not considered packet attacks. Packet attacks include spells, gas globes, and certain monster abilities. Note that unlike the weapon rules, a packet attack will count if it hits “non-legal targets” such as the head or groin but that’s not to say you should aim at these illegal targets.

Physical Contact This is one of the most important rules of NERO
Remember that while we are a LARP we should properly recognize the 'no touching rule', this means that you should always have a weapon or packet between you or another person. Some people do not have the same comfort zone as others and be mindful of where said 'touches' are going (see legal targets above as a reminder).

Cantrip Tomes
In order to cast a Cantrip the player must be carrying a Cantrip tome which contains the Cantrip they wish to cast. Cantrip tomes are in-game objects that must be acquired in-game. The phys-rep for a Cantrip tome must be at least 6” x 4”. The tome is governed by the rules defined in the Enchant Cantrip Tome Cantrip.

Enchant Cantrip Tome: This Cantrip causes a book with minimum dimensions of 6” by 4” to become usable as a Cantrip Tome. A Cantrip Tome can hold up to 10 Cantrips of its school. A Cantrip Tome may not have any other Formal Magic cast upon it or it will cease functioning, but it may be the target of a Rendering Cantrip. The caster must touch the Tome being enchanted. The enchanted Tome is still a shatterable object and is vulnerable to any force which may destroy a normal book. Cantrip Tomes can be strengthened by the Smithing skill prior to being enchanted by the Enchant Cantrip Tome Cantrip.

~~ This is to mean that you need 1 phys rep per tome on you at all time, as with magic items/formal magics. Casters with multiple tags for tomes will need multiple phys-reps for each tome or they may not cast from the extra tomes. The tome can be destroyed by Hulk Hogan, Shrek and barbecue lighters everywhere. But good news, they now last 2 years!

Andrew Inness
Co-General Manager and Head of Plot / Rules
NERO New Brunswick
- Don't forget to sign up on the National Forum!
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What came up at the event:

Andrew 2305 September 07, 2011 11:08PM

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