Nero NB

Non Combatant Players

This is to clarify some issues for safety reasons and allow the entire family to enjoy the game as NERO New Brunswick does not possess an age limit, we have players from ages 2 all the way up into their 60's come and enjoy our game.

However NERO is a contact sport, accidents do and will happen, despite the best intentions to avoid them, these rules are here to help everyone enjoy the game and work well, when followed.

There are two stages of being a non combatant, Page and Non Combatant.

This is a status for the younger player that has no experience with the game, is too young to be engaged in combat, or perhaps too young to understand the entirety of the rules. But this status allows younger players to get involved in the game usually with Mom, Dad, or a Big Brother or Sister - without getting hurt.

Requires a Blue Headband to be worn at all times and it must be visible at all times regardless of costuming.

Pages are supposed to remain out of the combat area, they may simply be 'killed' by anyone that can see the character with the statement "I kill you" - however this doesn't truly give the Page a death, they are simply knocked unconscious and must lay down for 10 minutes.

Pages may not affect combat in any way, they have no ingame skills, what-so-ever. For the purposes of regular rules the Page possess' 1 body point. They cannot search, be searched, nor can they carry tagged items and the like.

We encourage Pages in the game, but we also encourage the spirit of the rules as well, Pages should not be used as a safety net for regular players.

On the upside, Pages do earn Experience like any other character and their character can develop for when one day, they too can enter full combat with their friends and family.

Non Combatant
This is a status for players that have experience with the game, and want to be involved, however for medical reasons cannot be in combat or be struck by weapons. This allows those with physical conditions to not be hit in combat but allowing a 'take down' method so that all parties involved can still enjoy the game.

Requires a Yellow Headband to be worn at all times and it must be visible at all times regardless of costuming.

Non Combatants are affected by spells, alchemy, traps and everything else within the rules of the game, however when it comes to melee combat there is a difference.

The Non-Combatant may be 'dropped' by anyone with the statement "I drop you" so long as they have a weapon and are within weapons reach (defined as: less than 3 steps from the target, and no one is blocking you), normal protective spells and skills and abilities apply (Magic Armor, someone within range Parrying, Dodge, Phase, etc). Without any of these you are "Bleeding out" as per the normal rules and you can die as well.

It's best that a non combatant does not carry such weapons and the like, so they do not confuse players and NPCs alike (The Non Combatant could be mistaken for a regular player despite the headband).

Non Combatants may still possess ranged combat skills, Archery, Spells, Alchemy, they may still use these spells in battle, but getting close to battle is not encouraged, for their own safety. When flurried by a number of PCs an NPC will typically swing out at those approaching, and the dark increases difficulty identifying opponents.

It's recommended that Non combatants stay back from the main combat by 10 steps, this is not to say you cannot participate in the battle, we merely wish to offer safety guidelines rather than a hard and fast rule.

Non combatants can be killed by any other player with the same "Killing Blow" rules as any other player, the only special rule is how to 'take down' such a player's characters without actually striking them.

Changing status during an event: Taking the headband on and off gets confusing for NPCs and PCs alike, especially if you had it on, and then took it off because you felt better, but now you have it on, only your hair/hat/cloak covers it so it can't really be seen. This dangerous scenario is where you take your own safety in hand. We cannot expect the NPCs to be omnipotent in knowing all a single PC has/is doing, in this particular scenario our NPCs cannot be held accountable for injuries incurred. Our recommendation is that if you come and start the event as a Non combatant, stay a Non combatant for the event's duration.

Reminder for NPCing regarding these players

Do not strike anyone wearing a Blue or Yellow headband.

NPCs should not be targeting PCs because they are non combatants. Non combatants are responsible for their safety as much as the headband is, and shouldn't be getting in the front line, now the NPCs charging through/around to 'drop' a Non combatant when there are plenty of others nearby, may find themselves in violation of safety rules.

As a friendly "Spawning" request; Do not recycle next to these players, they have no weapon skills with which to dispatch you quickly with (normally coming into game requires a 3 count that a player has a chance to dispatch you with).

Repeated attempts at singling them out could be considered a violation of the Code of Conduct (it has been considered a form of 'discrimination' in regards to their medical disabilities) and it also leads to safety problems as when the 'regular' players rush in to protect their non combatant(s).

Besides, most of our Non combatants can throw death spells! Making it a quick, short fight for you.

Safety is Nero's first concern, any abuse of these rules is considered a serious safety matter and will be investigated thoroughly.